Frequently Asked Questions

We have to give Wade all the credit on that one. He has inspired countless numbers of people to get outside and embrace this amazing world and discover what living life is all about. We also must say that we are one of the coolest (pardon the pun) outdoor companies on the planet. Constant reinvention is a way of life for us, and we are never satisfied with status quo.
Because of our growing popularity and unique approach to the market, we are carried in several states by independent dealers, of which can be found in our dealer listing on the website, or by checking out our social media platforms.
Not much in life is truly free these days, but we are proud to stand behind our products with as strong of a warranty as you will find in the consumer marketplace. Besides having to own a Squatchboxx, the only cost to get your free replacement parts is the few minutes it takes to either write us or phone us. Besides that, no cost, no hassle, no problems. Here at Squatchboxx, we got your back!
Well that would be a major bummer, wouldn’t it. Besides being highly unlikely (we have some cool pictures of a 7000 lb Jeep on top of The Standard 30), we know sometimes things are not perfect. If a cooler is found to be defective, we will replace the body, lid, or both. If it breaks because of your bad, we will do our best to make things better. Just send us an email and plead your case. The judge, jury and Wade will hear you out and render a fair outcome.
Try to put only cold stuff in it, keep it closed as much as possible, keep it out of direct sunlight, dont drain the water, and offer free drinks to those around you.
Part magic, part science. We aren’t magicians, so we won’t even try the first. The science behind it is pretty simple. Dense, high R value polyurethane insulation surrounded by a tough, and efficient double walled polyethylene shell. Walls up to 4” thick don’t hurt either.
Simple soap and water works wonders. If you have any smells left over after an adventure, you can use vinegar to help deodorize the smell. Your cooler may develop a natural patina over time, some of which cannot be removed unless you start sanding and polishing, which we wouldn’t recommend.
Sure! Check out our sticker section on the website and order away. If you are very nice and post up cool stuff while you are on your adventures with your Squatchboxx, then hit us up when you get back and you will see what shows up in your mailbox.
More magic and science! Rumor has it Wade didn’t want to settle on terrestrial vacuum that everyone else uses, so he went to outer space to get some of that “vacuum” to make sure our drinkware keeps your stuff extra cold. In addition to that, we use our exclusive copper lined interior to add another element of thermal retention. Sandwich everything inside an 18/8 stainless body, and you got yourself a winner!
You can either use the liquid in your cup and rub it around the gasket, or for a more long term solution you can use a little olive oil on the gasket and it will stay put a little longer.
Yes, send us your sob story and we will get one out to you ASAP.
Yes, you can order direct from our website or see your local dealer for available stock.
Because it just ain’t nice. No matter what someone says, it is always safer to wash by hand than by dishwasher. The high heat can sometimes cause a leak in the vacuum seal, making all that empty “space” go away. It will make your cup not perform as designed and will make us very sad.
Lots! Some of which will work with any cooler or cup you have, not just the coolest!
Sure, send us an email to sponsor@squatchboxx.com and let us know a little about yourself. We will then take the discussion from there, including a formal application and contractual agreement.


In order to get the most out your Squatchboxx Cooler, we would like to give you some tips.


If you are getting ready to use your cooler, place it in the coolest place possible before you place ice in it. If stored in warm places, a significant amount of ice will be wasted cooling the cooler itself. Pre-chill your cooler a few hours prior to use with a sacrificial bag of ice to cool it down. After it has been cooled down, dump this ice in your garden and get ready to put your stuff in.


It should go without saying, but putting your warm stuff in the cooler will use up a significant amount of ice, and this is before you have even gone anywhere! If at all possible, it is best to make sure everything is as cold as possible before placing into the cooler. Use your fridge at home to cool your water or beer, or use the cooler in the garage with a couple of sacrificial bags of ice. The colder you get your stuff before you leave on your trip the less likely you will have to get ice during your trip. How valuable is your time when you are out on vacation or doing the things you love? Think about that for a second...


Getting ice is kind of like getting married, you need to choose wisely. Warm ice is typically wet or dripping, and won’t last long. Ice that is colder than the freezing point is relatively dry and will last substantially longer. See if you can lower your freezer temps before your trip, or see if you can find out what your local stores keep their freezers at. Some stores may keep them colder than others...it may pay to shop around.


Smaller, cubed ice will chill a cooler and the contents more quickly, but block ice melts at a much slower rate. Dry ice is much colder, but can freeze your stuff, which may be undesirable. Ice packs work great and can be colder than regular ice, but take up space in your freezer and have to plan ahead and place them in the freezer ahead of your trip if you expect to use them. Experience will dictate what works best for you. Many pros will use a mix of several options, as each has their own advantages and disadvantages.


Large areas of air inside your cooler will accelerate ice-melt as the ice is consumed cooling the air. These spaces are best filled with extra ice, towels, or crumpled newspaper if weight is a concern. If you have a smaller cooler, it is best to use the one sized appropriately for the amount of contents you plan to use for your trip.


Once you have embarked on your trip, do not empty the cold water. It will be almost as cold as the ice and will help insulate the remaining ice. However, exposed food and meat should be kept out of the water unless you like that sort of thing.


Vitamin D production is great for humans, not so good for coolers (Technically a cooler cannot make vitamin D!). Keep your cooler out of direct sunlight. Ice can last up to twice as long in the shade. Cover your cooler with whatever you have when there is no shade. Even better, you can cover it using an emergency blanket and really show the sun that it doesn’t have a chance!


Keep your cooler closed as much as possible. If you are going to grab a beer for you, make sure you have gone through the rest of the group so you don't have the cooler opened more times than necessary; plus you will make your buddies happy! Unscientific studies have shown that untrained children are the best at cutting your ice retention by 50% or more. Do yourself a favor and teach them how to use the cooler properly and make sure they always securely close it when done.


You can clean your squatchboxx with soap and water. For stubborn smells, you can use vinegar or bleach/water mix (10% should be good enough). Let it soak for a few minutes, then dump it out and rinse with fresh water. Open lid and let dry completely before storing. Scars are cool! When you were young (or old), you may have gotten a few boo boos that have left a permanent mark on your body. They make great stories to tell when you are older. A cooler is like that as well. The scratches, missing chunks, and stains all tell stories of adventures past. Embrace them! If you really want to clean the outside as much as you can, you can use a pressure washer which may or may not get stubborn stains or dirt out of it. Our guarantee doesn’t cover staining or other cosmetic wear, so embrace your inner child and show them off!

If something ever fails on your Squatchboxx Cooler, give us a ring and we will take care of it. If you break a latch, plastic bit, foot, handle, drain, etc, let us know and we will get a replacement out to you at no cost to you! How ‘bout that!