Forever Guarantee

Squatchboxx "Forever Guarantee - Quality Assured" emblem.

At Squatchboxx, we believe in the ridiculously long performance of our products.

All of our coolers come with a ‘Forever Free’ parts replacement program.  If any of the parts of your cooler breaks or is damaged, just send us an email to and we will send you the part at no cost.

If at any time (that’s right, no time limit!), you find any defect in material or workmanship, or your Squatchboxx cooler or drinkware product stops working the way it should, we will gladly fix it or replace it at no charge. It doesn’t make any difference if you were the first purchaser or you were lucky enough to get a Squatchboxx product as a gift – its our guarantee that it will perform as designed, forever. That’s our belief in the ridiculously long life of our products.

Just send the original product back to us. Squatchboxx will repair the product or replace it with another model of comparable value. If your model is out of stock or we no longer carry it, we will send you a replacement model of comparable value at our discretion. You just bear the cost of shipping your Squatchboxx product to us, and we will return the favor and ship the repaired or replacement product back to you, free of charge. Naturally, our warranty doesn’t cover cosmetic wear or cleaning – a little wear and tear is part of the charm of a Squatchboxx product!

Additionally, if your Squatchboxx cooler or drinkware gets damaged or broken, we will accept the broken product and allow the owner to receive a new item at 50% of the current retail price.  That’s right, even if your cooler falls off your Jeep and gets crushed by a tractor, send us the damaged unit and we will honor that towards a new replacement at 50% off.  How bout them apples!

For any warranty/guarantee , please email us at

Applies to Coolers and drinkware products, does not apply to apparel or other soft goods.

For U.S. addresses only.