The Perfect Lunchbox Cooler

The LNCHBXX is the perfect lunchbox cooler for those trips that are just long enough that you would rather not be without your stuff staying icy cold, or very warm for that matter (assuming you are using it to store hot food). Take it to the job site for the ultimate two in one use; firstly storing your lunch but secondly as your portable seat. No superhero lunch pail or fancy soft sided cooler can pull that off! This¬†lunchbox cooler is ideal for outdoor adventures, travel, school, and even work. Much better than a soft lunch bag that could leave your sandwich mushy and your soda can dented. The LNCHBXX protects everything inside so that when you’re ready to eat you’re never disappointed.

Whether its in the backwoods or in your backyard, the LNCHBXX has you covered.

Dimensions – 14″ X 9 1/2″ X 9 1/2″

Capacity – 5.25 gallons

Forever Guarantee, parts included